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Project Description Owner Last Change
ULPI.git ULPI /UTMI+ support package... 4 years ago
avr32-buildroot Atmel AVR32 Buildroot 6 years ago
bcwc_pcie Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 years ago
bienenwaage-backup/.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 4 years ago
bienenwaage-rx.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 5 years ago
bienenwaage-tx.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 5 years ago
cardbus-avr/.git Cardbus AVR microcontroller... 9 years ago
cardbus/.git A simple Cardbus controller... 9 years ago
findcontent/.git search offset of other file... 8 years ago
fireproxy/.git gdb proxy for debugging over... 9 years ago
frontpanel.git Frontpanel driver for LeCroy... 16 months ago
fx2lib Unnamed repository; edit this... 5 years ago
ibus/.git Simulates BMW E39 car radio 9 years ago
ibusmonitor/.git dumps IBUS in readable format 8 years ago
ipod-bmw.git/.git MP3 Player for my BMW 530i... 9 years ago
lpc-support Tektronix LPC Bus support... 5 years ago
lpc2spi/.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 5 years ago
mp3-ibus/.git MP3 Player for BMW E39 series 7 years ago
qtla/.git Linux software for Tektronix... 7 years ago
rc5-c/.git AVR programm that translates... 9 years ago
rc5-ps2/.git Receives RC-5 Infrared command... 7 years ago
smsparse parser fuer Bienenwaage SMS's 5 years ago
solarpower/.git Solar power measurement for... 8 years ago
tladisasm/.git Tektronix TLA Dissambler API 7 years ago
udrwconfig/.git Small tool to write UDRW USB... 8 years ago
usb_dongle Unnamed repository; edit this... 6 years ago
usbchief.git Windows 7 driver for LeCroy... 18 months ago